Welcome to the International Bioenergy Conference 2014 - REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED

In many parts of the world, energy supply is being diversified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide greater energy security.  Bioenergy will play an increasingly important part in both the UK and global energy mix of the future.

The UK’s Research Councils and Technology Strategy Board are investing substantially in research and development into bioenergy, notable examples being the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC) and the EPSRC SUPERGEN Bioenergy hub.  This is achieving an international profile and making a significant contribution to the global energy debate.

This International Conference will showcase UK bioenergy research in a global context and will bring together world-class researchers in bioenergy, including academia, policy makers, industrialists and other related stakeholders.  It will include high profile plenary keynote speakers, subject-specific break-out sessions, workshops and poster presentations that will cover:

  • biomass feedstocks for renewable energy generation;
  • biochemical and thermochemical conversion technologies, including biorefining;
  • sustainability: environmental, social, economic;
  • whole-systems modelling and analysis;
  • added value through alternative applications for biomass feedstocks;
  • industrial implementation and scale-up;
  • policy implications and needs.

The conference will attract delegates working across the bioenergy sector from academia, government and industry with expertise in biological, natural and physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, environmental, social, economic and policy disciplines.  It will provide an opportunity to network with a wide range of bioenergy related disciplines and establish future research collaborations.

A significant output will be the publication of key papers from the conference in a special edition of Biomass and Bioenergy.

International Bioenergy 2014 Conference Secretariat Email: bioenergy2014@calders.org.uk


International Bioenergy 2014 Conference is sponsored by:
BBSRC - bioscience for the future
EPSRC - Pioneering research and skills
ESRC - Economic & Social Research Council
Natural Environment Research Council
Science & Technology Facilities Council
Technology Strategy Board